REQ: Limit number of "Duplicate Key ignored" messages

tkdennistkdennis Posts: 114
Could the final report at the end limit the number of times "Duplicate Key Ingored" message is printed. I'm using the suggested work around IGNORE_DUP_KEY on the primary key to avoid the generator stopping ( ... noredupkey)
and getting several pages worth.



  • Hello,

    Are you getting the message multiple times per table or just once per table but for lots of tables?

    So I can log the feature for review, what would you like to be displayed on the report? Where would you like to be able to disable the message?


  • It's multiple times per table. Ideally, I'd like one line that said "Duplicate key ignored 10,000 times"

    If it needs to be disabled, then both at the table level and in the Project Edit option as the default setting for all tables.

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