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URGENTSource and Destination Changed while Synchronization..

Ravee109Ravee109 Posts: 2
edited May 20, 2008 8:16AM in SQL Compare Previous Versions

I downloaded a trail version of SQL Tool belt and tried to synchronize 2 data base. But I changed the source to be destination and destination to be source. The source contained all the new changes [32 new db objects]. I did the synchronization without noticing it. Now I lost all my new changes. Is it posible to REVERSE this and do a roll back.

Your help is highly appreciated.

Very Very urgent.



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    I'm not sure that it will be possible to recover unless you've taken a backup. If you have a schema snapshot or if you have SQL scripts that represent the state of the schema that you want to revert back to you should be able use this as a source.

    Sadly I don't think I can suggest anything else.

    David Atkinson
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