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I'm not a full-time DBA, so excuse my style of expressing my question.

I have a database which has 2 tables in SQL 2005. Both these tables have similar column names, EXCEPT for new extra columns in FY2007_DATA. I can visually see the difference in columns in Database Diagrams.

My goal is to :- I want to compare FY2007 tbl column names to FY2006 column names and display only those columns as results that do not match.

Tbl 1 :- FY2006_DATA

Tbl 2:- FY2007_DATA

Is this achievable in any of your products and if yes, how can I achieve my goal using SQL Toolbelt tools.

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  • Hi,

    Currently we treat a 'table' object as comprising not only the DML triggers, indexes, constraints, extended properties, the table and its constituent columns.

    This means that it's "all or nothing" when it comes to the granularity of synchronization. It is not possible to ignore a specific column from the comparison. However, it is clear that more and more of our users are asking for improved flexibility on what is treated as a separate entity for synchronization, so we'll definitely be considering this for a future version of SQL Compare. However, it's unlikely that this can be achieved in the immediate future as it would involve an architectural change in the product.

    Kind regards,

    David Atkinson
    Product Manger
    Red Gate Software
    David Atkinson
    Product Manager
    Redgate Software
  • I was able to compare the columns in 2 different tables in the same database using the instructions from this post:
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