SQL changeset not prompting for VSS login

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Have I missed something?

I was happily (and finally) checking in several Db projects for one group that I work for and then started to do the same for another.....

Ouch! Different development groups use different VSS databases! changesset does not support multiple VSS databases??!!

I can't even get it to prompt me for a login anymore when I "register working folders"? It just assumes I want the same VSS db?

This is a MAJOR limitation of the tool and I can't understand what technical limitation there would be. Each registered folder could/should be associated with an appropriate SrcSafeIni, which is just an UNC path/username/password set. I don't see the need to make this an application level setting at all.

I've even tried running VSS and logging into the "other DB" but changeset is "set in it's ways" and won't prompt me for a login?

what if the original VSS db dies or moves, does that monkey up the works too? Are all my previously regestered folders dead?

I believe an "Open sourcesafe database" option is definitely needed. Using multiple databases to partition teams and projects is a common practice and integral to VSS usage.


  • Hi,

    Extremely sorry for the inconvenience which SQL Changeset has caused you. Yes, this is a limitation of SQL Changeset. VSS's SCCI implementation makes it quite tricky to handle multiple VSS DB at the same time.

    The workaround is to delete all the registered working folders for the selected VSS DB. Click OK and then re-open the 'Registered Working Folders' screen again. Then select another VSS DB. This way you will be able to register working folders from another VSS DB.

    Priya Sinha
    Project Manager
    Red Gate Software
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