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Hi there - using SQL Compare Pro 6 we have extracted our database to a script folder.

However when we run a compare between the script folder and the same database SQL Compare marks two views in the database as not being present in the script folder, even though they are there.

It is as if SQL Compare simply cannot see the files. The folder with the views contain two other views which has no problem being recognized and compared.

I only have this problem with these two views. Tables, SPs, UDFs and the two other Views are working fine.

Any thoughts?



  • Sounds like there's a problem reading in the files which contain the views. Check the files carefully for syntax errors.

    If you're still having trouble, you can send us the files with the views in (to [email protected]), or preferably the whole scripts folder, and we should be able to work out what's going wrong.

    If you can't send us the files, drop me an email anyway and I'll go through how to set up logging so you can work out what's wrong yourself.
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  • Looks like our parser is falling over somewhere in the middle of the views. Sorry about that - I'll get the relevant developer to look at it. Thanks for bringing this to our attention, and hopefully we'll get a fix together soon.
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  • Hi Michelle - thank you for the response. :)

  • I've had a look at the files you sent in, and it seems that the parser doesn't like the brackets around the CAST expressions - if you remove those, the files should parse successfully. This has been added to the relevant bug (SC-3656), and we'll look at fixing this for version 7

    Thanks for the bug report
  • Hi Simon - thanks for explaining that.

    I have removed the extra parenthesis and everything is working fine now.

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    I am pleased to inform you that we have fixed this problem in the recently released SQL Compare V.7.

    If you have a valid Support & upgrades option, you can download SQL Compare V.7 using the 'Check for updates' mechanism (SQL Compare GUI ->Help ->Check for updates)

    or download using this link: ftp://ftp.red-gate.com/SQLToolbelt.zip

    SQL Compare V.7 will install along side any previous versions of the software.

    Many Thanks
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