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Are there any plans to allow per-table filtering of the data to be scripted (possibly by means of a query or list of keys)?

Such a feature is incredibly helpful when you need to create a fresh-start database.

I am aware that this can be done via the post script functionality of the product.


David Andres


  • There aren't any plans for placing this functionality in Packager, but you could use SQL Data Compare + SQL Compare + Packager to do this instead.

    Step 1) Create a schema for the source database using SQL Compare by comparing it to an empty target, synchronise to the target and you will have an empty database schema as the target database.

    Step 2) Run SQL Data Compare against the source comparing your per-table views of the source to the target, and again sychronise to the target. This will populate the target with the selected data.

    Step 3) Run Packager on the target and create the package. This will contain selected data to your requirements.
    Chris Buckingham
    Red-Gate support
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