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identity column does not show on auto-completed INSERT

pugvpugv Posts: 9
edited June 10, 2008 11:00AM in SQL Prompt Previous Versions
i type in

insert TableName, then auto-complete the column list - the identity column is missing from the list.

-- can't find a setting in the options for this.



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    SQL Prompt used to list the identity columns while choosing to auto-complete insert statements in the previous versions. However, since identity columns are usually auto-generated values many of our users thought it would be better if that was not listed in the auto-completion list which led to the current implementation!

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    thanks for the reply tanya.

    seems you've appeased one set of customers, but inconvenienced the other half :(

    wouldn't this be better as a user option?
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    We did think of options but the trouble is SQL Prompt has loads of options and users tend to get confused having to navigate through such vast option items.

    We are now planning for our next version and it’s too early to promise anything at this stage. But I will log your suggestion into our database and keep you posted with the updates :)

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    MikeyCMikeyC Posts: 249 Bronze 3
    Or could SQL Prompt look to see if the IDENTITY INSERT option is turned on for that table, and if so include the IDENTITY column.

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    There is a gap.
    When typing the insert for existent tables, the SP3.8 doesn't bring the identity colum (and I'm happy for this), but if you create a new table and type the insert command, so SP3.8 will mount the insert command based on the create table script, it brings the identity column.


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    I am fine with not showing IDENTITY column during an insert :P

    At least if one needs to insert manually into that column, they have to do some work (add in the column name, set identity insert on/off, etc...), intentionally
    Jerry Hung
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