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Using the SqlDataCompare API I was able to build a synchronization script file that is meant to be used on a DB that is not accesible at the time of build.

So i want to execute that script file on the other DB...

At first I tried running the script using the Microsoft SQLServer Management Studio, but it failed with a "There is insufficient memory to run this query" error. I also tried with osql, with a .NET SqlCommand and with the SqlDataCompare API and it all failed with the same insufficient memory error.

So my question is, is there a way to run a huge script file using your API without getting the memory error?

Here's a snippet of the code I tried
FileStream fs = File.Open(myScript, FileMode.Open);
StreamReader sr = new StreamReader(fs, Encoding.Unicode);
BlockExecutor exec = new BlockExecutor();
ExecutionBlock block = new ExecutionBlock();

exec.ExecuteBlock(block, strServer, strDatabase);

Any ideas ?
Thanks in advance


p.s.: Building multiple script files or separating the script file is not an option.


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    The only way to run a very large SQL script in SSMS is to break up the script into small sections with COMMIT statements. This means that you have to parse the script with a utility and insert COMMIT<return>BEGIN TRANSACTION lines.

    As transactional integrity may be compromised then you will have to take full backup before running the script of course.
    Chris Buckingham
    Red-Gate support
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