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paulhpaulh Posts: 35 Bronze 2
Following on from other comments, I'd like to add a few more requests...

1. Simpler way of having nulls generated - at the moment the method seems to be use a RegEx and set the null percentage to 100%

2. Similarly for a fixed value, have to use a RegEx rather than just say a FixedValue generator, e.g. setting an integer or bit field

3. Counter generator, takes start number and increment and keeps going - example here is that I have to generate 50K users for a load test - with a RegEx generator I have to dump the file afterwards to find out the usernames I can use; unless someone can suggest a better way?

4. Ignore columns - important, but already mentioned.

5. Dates - ability to push Current Date/Time in




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    Hello Paul,

    Thank you for the feedback, it is much appreciated.

    1) At the moment, setting a generator to 100% nulls is the only way. We have an item to look at this in a later version.

    2) Like in 1, we understand this isn't great at the moment and we are looking at making it more understandable. However, using the other generators, such as RegEx, can provide you with this functionality.

    3) On our numeric generators, we have two types of distribution. One is Random, the other is sequential. With sequential, you can set an increment value, this allows you to go 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 etc. If you look at the Business > IDs generators, you can see how we have used it. Does this answer your question?

    4) Thanks, I've added a note onto the item that you have also requested this. It's useful to know where the demand is.

    5) Like with 2, it would be more useful to have a generator which could do this. Two possibilities with this, one is write your own generator and upload it to CodePlex to share. The second, use a SQL Statement generator and as the sql statement use SELECT GetDate().

    I hope this helps, if you need anything else please let me know.


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    paulhpaulh Posts: 35 Bronze 2
    Problem with 3. is that my column is not a number, it's a string and what I want is something like

    webload00001, webload00002 etc

    Also, I can't allocate your Id generator to a string column.
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    Hi Paul,

    Oh I understand. Yes, this has been mentioned before. At the moment, there isn't a way to do this, apart from creating your own generator. I'll add another note to the system.

    Thanks for the additional information.

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