Sample using SQL Toolkit API for SQL Server 2005

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I'm in desparate need of a working sample project to exercise SQL Toolkit. Our desktop team is packaging the SQL Compare Bundle Pro for distribution to existing users, and potentially for new (yet to be determined) users.

In order for me to get them to go forward I need to provide them a sample their verification team can run to certify the application on our desktops.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
John Allman


  • Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 New member
    Hi John,

    Thanks for asking. After you install SQL Toolkit, the shortcut created in the Red Gate program group will have information on the first page about the example Visual Studio projects and a link that you can use to download them.

    Please note that if you want to build the projects, the dll assemblies that you need to reference are present in the individual commercial releases, for instance SQL Compare, SQL Data Compare, and SQL Packager.

    If you have any further questions, please let us know.
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