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Please advise if there is a way to do a linked table configuration from redgate data compare to be able to view the results in access the overall goal here is the be able to export the results to PDF after some column name modifications. I need to be able to add the database name to the column name (instead of the owner name would be nice) thanks in advance for any assistance.


  • There isn't any explicit support for viewing Data Compare results in Access. You can export the results to .csv format with the Tools -> Export Comparison Results... menu item, and load them into Access from there. Customisations like adding the database name instead of the owner name to the overall object name would have to be done in Access.

    Is that the kind of thing were you looking for, or is there some specific behaviour you'd like to submit a feature request for?
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  • thanks for the info. I have tried that process to the error that the export file in CSV has two periods in the file name which Excel is ok with but Access doesn't like that filename format. Are you aware of a process that would allow me to rename all the files to exclude the period following the owner name? please advise.
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