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Cache Management Issue

plagueplague Posts: 10
edited May 6, 2008 8:46AM in SQL Prompt Previous Versions
I have been encountering issues with SQL Prompt not recognizing the variable I have created or the temp table I have created when I write a query in Query Window in SQL Server 2005. I assume this is due to cache management. But it will be very annoying if I have to run refresh cache everytime I define a variable and delete a table/column. I have used other components for development environment before and I never had to do cache management myself. The applications does it in the background without me knowing they do it. Is there any particular settings I'm missing here to get SQL Prompt to do the same kind of function? :?

Please let me know if this product will have that in the future or whether I'm missing a settings as I worked hard to convince my boss to purchase this product. Now I'm being blamed for a product that is not working completely. :cry:


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