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Service Broker code fails to parse ...

DanMoranDanMoran Posts: 14
edited May 6, 2008 8:14PM in SQL Refactor Previous Versions
When I write Service Broker code, and choose "Lay Out SQL" from the menu, it fails with the error "SQL Refactor was nable to lay out this script because some errors were found while it was being parsed. These errors have been highlighted."

The code highlighted is standard Service Broker code that works fine and parses fine using the Management Studio parser --

FROM SERVICE @TargetService
TO SERVICE '//mysrv/Workflow/Client'
ON CONTRACT [//mysrv/Workflow/Contract] WITH ENCRYPTION = OFF;

But SQL Refactor chokes on it. Since I'm working mostly with Service Broker these days, this is a problem for me ...


  • I'm afraid the parser in the current version of refactor doesn't accept variable names for the FROM SERVICE clause. I've added this to the SQL Compare Engine (which contains the parser) bug tracker (SC-3786) to be fixed for v7, which the next version of refactor will include. As a workaround, you could put the target service directly into the FROM SERVICE clause rather than having it as a variable.

    Simon Cooper
  • OK, that's a workaround I can live with. Thanks for the quick response.
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