Slowness opening files in 3.8

MikeyCMikeyC Posts: 249 Bronze 3
edited May 9, 2008 12:08PM in SQL Prompt Previous Versions
I have noticed since I upgrade from SQL Prompt 3.7 to 3.8 that opening a .SQL file in SMSS takes considerably longer. I don't remember any delay with 3.7, but now with 3.8 it usually takes 5 or more seconds. (Small 38 line files take around 2 seconds to open.)

If I disable SQL Prompt the file opens immediately. But as soon as I pick the menu to enable SQL Prompt it then takes the 5+ seconds before I can do anything in SMSS.

Is this normal?


  • I suggest that you go into SSMS file menu, SQL Prompt, through the Prompt cache management, and click Refresh All before importing SQL scripts into SSMS.
    Chris Buckingham
    Red-Gate support
  • MikeyCMikeyC Posts: 249 Bronze 3
    Refreshing all before opening a SQL script didn't make any difference. It still takes around 6 seconds to load a script, even if I close the script and open the same one again. (It is 1500+ lines long.)

  • I have submitted this as a problem SP-1222 into our bug database, and will keep you posted.
    Chris Buckingham
    Red-Gate support
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