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Invalid object name 'sysproperties' on SQL Compare v3

derryharrowderryharrow Posts: 2
edited April 28, 2008 3:40PM in SQL Compare Previous Versions
I removed SQL 2000 from my server and replaced it with SQL 2005.
Then I created 2 empty databases, didn't add any tables, stored procedures etc, then tried to compare them with SQL Compare (version :oops: )
The following error appears:
Invalid object name 'sysproperties'

(The reason why I did this was I have an application that uses SQL Toolkit to compare 2 dbs, one of the dbs was accessing sysproperties in a stored proc - I removed the proc but am still getting the error. So I tried it using SQL Compare. Same error. So I created the 2 empty databases.. same error.)

Is it a SQL Compare v3 / SQL 2005 compatibility issue? Do I need to upgrade?


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    Hi there,

    SQL Compare 3 predates SQL Server 2005 by some time ;-) You'll want to upgrade to the latest version of SQL Compare. You can quickly download a trial that should keep you going for 14 days. Good luck,

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