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While trying to Synchronize two databases, the compare fails trying to synchronize indexed views, with the below errror message

"Cannot drop the index dbo.comp_view.comp_view_one_index" becasue it does not exist or you do not have permissions. The following SQL command caused the error:
DROP INDEX [comp_view_one_index] ON [dbo].[comp_view]"

I then checked th SQL Script [From Synchronization window] and in that the first statement removed the 'schema biding' for the view ' , which is basically a ALTER statement on the view without its indexes, so when it tries to delete the indexes from this view in the next statement it cannot find them.

When I remove the views from the Filter I can synchronize the database, I then have to re-synchronize this time with the views checked in the filter and it works, but this is extra work. Can someone on this forum offer some ideas on what I can do to get this working in one go?

Excerpt from the Syncronization.sql script:

PRINT N'Removing schema binding from [dbo].[comp_view]'
ALTER view [dbo].[comp_view] .......
PRINT N'Dropping index [comp_view_one_index] from [dbo].[comp_view]'
DROP INDEX [comp_view_one_index] ON [dbo].[comp_view]


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    Which version of SQL Compare are you using? We used to have a problem with this, but we think we fixed it by (the current released version). If it's happening with the latest version we'd be interested in looking into it further.
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