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Why when I start with this:

exec sp_adddistributiondb @database = N'distribution'
, @data_folder = N'C:\SQL Data'
, @log_folder = N'C:\SQL LOGS'
, @log_file_size = 2
, @min_distretention = 0
, @max_distretention = 72
, @history_retention = 48
, @security_mode = 1

And then Refactor, I end up with this:

exec sp_adddistributiondb @database = N'distribution',
@data_folder = N'C:\SQL Data', @log_folder = N'C:\SQL LOGS',
@log_file_size = 2, @min_distretention = 0, @max_distretention = 72,
@history_retention = 48, @security_mode = 1

When I specify that I want (check the box) that states that each subsequent column is on a new line. This works the same in both Refactor and SQL Prompt 3.8.

Am I missing something? :roll:


  • The option that states that each subsequent column is on a new line does not apply to parameters in EXEC statements. The option is only valid for select data statements and will place the individual columns of the table on individual lines.

    The option to layout individual parameters on separate lines has been raised in our feature request software and will be considered when updating the layout functionality.

    I'll add your comments to the feature request case.
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