Export Enhancement Request

I like this tool a lot for profiling memory usage, but there's one big drawback that I'd like to point out to you.

The Export profiling data.. option is incomplete as it does not include any of the hierarchy data. This means that I can't determine 'Size with children' outside of your application.

I would think that being able to approach memory profiling results by considering the Size with children of all Root objects might be and interesting start in a leak hunt. But I can't tell for sure since you don't really support it via your UI or your exported data.

Yes, I know, I could sort by Root Object and navigate through everything a row at a time examining its hierarchy entry. But I really want it on the grid and in the exported data.

Even if I wasn't concerned with just the root objects, it would really be nice to track size with children all the way up and down the hierarchy in the exported data.

But in spite of that, it is a great product. Thanks for all your hard work.

Charles Crary


  • Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 New member
    Hi Charles,

    Thanks for your suggestion. I have opened an issue for your enhancement request with a reference number of AP-1634. If you have any further comments, be sure to let us know.
  • I'll add one more request. It would be nice to have some notion of when an object was allocated. It would help me as I try to synchronize the data I get from ANTS Profiler with my own measurements.

    Thanks again for paying attention.
  • Thanks Charles,

    we will be sure to consider all your points for the next release. Feel free to add anything to this thread at any time over the next few months.


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