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Automate SQL Compare with a list of objects to synchronize !

eriveraaeriveraa Posts: 2
edited April 18, 2008 4:39PM in SQL Compare Previous Versions
Hi friends, i am evaluating the product and it's really cool, but i also need to know how to automate some tasks. The most important for me is how to automate SQL Compare on synchronizing a list of objects i choose.

For example, i have a list of tables and stored procedures that need to be synchronized, and i would like to be able to send this list to SQL Compare, and SQL Compare do the job.

Any ideas??
Thanks in advance.


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    Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 Bronze 1

    I suppose you have a few options for automating the synchronization of a set of objects. The first would be to construct a batch file specifying the objects on the command-line using the /include argument to sqlcompare.exe, or do the same by writing an XML command file for sqlcompare.exe.

    The second would be to use SQL Compare to set up a comparison project between two databases, then go into the projects screen again, right-click the project, select locate on disk and then copy the project file and use the project in a batch file using the /pr argument to sqlcompare.exe.

    Either way, you can automate the synchronization by submitting the batch file to your Windows Scheduled Tasks and use the /Sync switch to execute the synchronization automatically. Sqlcompare.exe is the command-line version of SQL Compare that comes with the Professional Edition licence.
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