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foreign key generator - restrict data

rjschaverjschave Posts: 13
The foreign key generator does not allow us to filter data selected from the related table.

I may have a field related to a table containing a list of states. When I generate data in the main table I want to be able to restrict which states are selected (i.e. Michigan & Wisconsin).

Currently I have to remove the relationship before I can select the SQL statement generator or RegExp generator.


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    Thanks for the suggestion, it is much appreciated. A number of other users have also requested this feature and we are looking at the best way of solving this for future versions.

    Once again thank you, if there are any other features would you like to see then please let us know.

    Thank you

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    I'm also missing this feature.
    I think, for the moment I will delete this records with a script after data generation.

    Kind regards
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    Hi Aline,

    In the mean time, that is a great solution to getting around this the problem.

    Just so everyone is aware, the post generation script feature can be found on the project configuration dialog on the scripts tab.


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