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3.8 RC join hints don't show up at first

shadowbobshadowbob Posts: 71 Bronze 2
edited April 17, 2008 3:28PM in SQL Prompt Previous Versions
I've noticed that occasionally (maybe 50% of the time), JOIN hints won't show up in the intellisense until after I've started typing about 4 letters of the table. So, I'll have something like this:

SELECT * FROM [table1]
INNER JOIN [table2] ON

At this point, Control-Space normally brings up join hints if Prompt can find any. It doesn't always do this now -- instead, it will just show all tables in the database, as if it couldn't parse my query. But after I type 3-4 letters of the table (so I would start typing "[tabl"), suddenly the join hints do show up. Then I press ENTER to select one of the suggestions, and the suggestion gets inserted but leaves an extra "[" character in the query.

So after accepting a suggestion, the query looks something like this:

SELECT * FROM [table1]
INNER JOIN [table2] ON [[table1].[field] = [table2].[field]

So there's two bugs there -- the first is that the JOIN hints don't show up until I start typing the rest of the JOIN. The second is that when I press Enter it leaves an extra "[" character.

Note that this behavior doesn't always happen -- it's hard to pin down when it does (maybe 50% of the time). It does seem that more complex queries tend to trigger this behavior. (Like using CTEs, nested SELECTs, etc.)

Jeremy Fuller
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