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VB functions

dineshasankadineshasanka Posts: 208
It will be better to simple vb options like, left,right,lower,upper,mid to ease data generations. If I won’t to generate email addresses using firstname and last name, this will be a handy option. For example, if I want to create mail address for Dinesh Asanka like dinesh.asanka@somewhere.com or dinesh.a@somewhere.com you need above functions


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    Hi Dinesh,

    We did consider this for 1.0, however involved a lot of work so it was left out.

    Would you like this functionality to be part of the RegEx generator, or would you like a separate generator? Is there anything else you would like supported around this area?

    In the mean time, we do have the Code Generator on CodePlex which allows you to write your own C# to generate data which could be useful.

    I look forward to your response.


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    I prefer to have it as a seperate generator
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