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This is an unusual circumstance but would like to hear a suggestion.

Run .net application which installs named instance of SQL Express 2005,
creates database using comand line envokation of SQL Packager 5, sets up users/logins/schemas/permissions...

Uninstall this app without deleting the database.
Try to reinstall->fails because mdb file exists.
Since the mdb is not attached why doesn't SQL Packager just overwrite it?
I understand the solution would be to just test for the file in the app but we use a generic named SQL Packager exe to create different databases.


  • Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 New member
    Hi Carl,

    SQL Packager simply creates SQL Scripts for the schema and data of a database, so it's not concerned with the state of the server. What is probably happening is that you are specifying the /makedatabase switch on the package which is going to try to create the database again.

    To avoid this, you could use SQL Packager's /presql command to run a script file containing 'drop database [x]' before running the package. Hopefully this solves the problem for you.
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