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rjschaverjschave Posts: 13
Overall I'm very impressed with this product! So far I noticed the following areas that could be improved:

Weighted List Generator
The hot key for add button conflicts with Actions menu. Please consider changing the hot key for the add button.

Generate Data...
If you change the value of a setting (i.e. number of rows to generate), but do not tab out of the field before clicking on the Generate Data button in the toolbar then the 'wizard' does not pickup the changed value. Please consider correcting this.


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    Thanks for the feedback, it is much appreciated.

    1) That is a good point, thank you. I have added a bug into our tracker, this will be fixed in 1.1.

    2) We are aware of this issue and it will be fixed in 1.1, however thank you for bring this to our attention again.

    If you have any other feedback, either bugs or feature requests, we would love to hear them!

    Once again thank you.

    Ben Hall
    Test Engineer
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    Also, better if there is 1000 seperator in case of generating large numbers
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    Hi Dinesh,

    Could you please clarify where you think the separator would be useful for large numbers.


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