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SQL prompt cache management

BrujahBrujah Posts: 22 Bronze 2
edited April 11, 2008 2:58AM in SQL Prompt Previous Versions

I've got a issue with the cache management
It keeps all databases in cache, even when I set the maximum number of databases to hold in memory to 5

Use the 3.8RC version now, but had the same problem with version 3.6



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    SQL Prompt caches the databases in two different ways. It will cache the database's schema and store them on disk. This is shown in the list - 'Databases that SQL Prompt has cached'. SQL Prompt will cache as many databases, this way, as it can. They will be held on disk until you highlight the databases in the cache management window and choose to delete them.

    SQL Prompt also stores a certain number of database information in memory. This is controlled by the 'Minimum number of databases to hold in memory' setting. This increases performance, for example, when running cross-database queries.

    When you say that SQL Prompt holds all the databases in cache, do you mean that it keeps them all on disk? If this is the case then, I'm afraid, you'll have to manually manage the databases that it stores by deleting the one's that you don't need.
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