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When creating sync scripts, is it possible to have the wizard generate "if exists, drop and create" vs an alter?

Its not common, but every once in a while we have an object missing from one client's db that exists on many others. When the script goes out, it contains an Alter statement but what we want is the ability to have the sync script include a "if object exists, drop and then create object".

I don't see an option for it, I was asking just in case. BTW, we are using v5.0. If the option exists in 6.0, we'd consider moving up...



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    Sounds like a job for the API - at deploy time you can dynamically generate a script by comparing a snapshot to the customer's db.

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    I've added a link to this forum post to the open feature request for this feature. It isn't implemented yet and we're not likely to do it for v7.0, but it's a fairly common request and we might do it in a later point release (the reasons we're reluctant are that everyone seems to want a slightly different implementation and we don't want to add extra options if we can avoid it).
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    I really hate to admit this, but I didn't realize there WAS an API. Thank you for the suggestion. I will definitely look into that!
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