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User Defined Type

mensandmensand Posts: 4
edited April 10, 2008 6:59AM in SQL Compare Previous Versions
When i have a user defined type i can't change it because the SQL Compare script tries to drop the fieldtype and then recreate it with the new settings.

FLD_LastName VARCHAR(40)

next i need it to change to

FLD_LastName VARCHAR(50)

I change it in my dev DB and then i want to run SQL Compare to rol it out to production. Then i see the drop of the type wich results in a can't drop because the type is in use.

Is there a work around for this ?

Greetings Andre Mens


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    Michelle TMichelle T Posts: 566 Gold 1
    SQL Compare should be able to sort out your database such that you can drop and recreate the type (by unbinding it from where it is used and rebinding it afterwards).

    Do you have the Include Dependencies check-box on the synchronization wizard checked? If that isn't checked, then this operation will sometimes fail.

    If it's still failing with Include Dependencies checked, could you send me (michelle.taylor@red-gate.com) an example where the drop type isn't succeeding (preferably as a database snapshot or backup of the source and target databases and a list of what options were used)? It might be something we've overlooked that needs fixing.
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