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service broker objects

pugvpugv Posts: 9
edited April 7, 2008 8:04AM in SQL Prompt Previous Versions
doesn't seem to support service broker objects.. queues, services, etc. -

what's the hold up guys ? or have i got some option turned off somewhere.


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    Thanks for your post.

    As you have discovered, SQL Prompt (3.6) does not yet support service broker objects. This is something that has been scheduled to be included in a future version, however at the time of writing this no exact version has been assigned.

    For your reference the feature number is SP-768.

    I have linked your forum post to the feature, so we can update you when we know when you can expect the feature to be implemented.
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    Hi Chris.
    so it's not even planned.. disappointing. Service broker's been out for quite a while, surprising to hear you guys aren't under more pressure to get it out ..

    I guess i can understand the technical challenges of fully supporting it since it has its own syntax, but perhaps you can release a patch that will treat Queues as tables - i.e list them in the ' select .. from ' dropdown?

    that should be a trivial as well as a very useful fix,

    thanks.. pugv
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