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Column picker suggestion

KevinBettsKevinBetts Posts: 2
edited April 4, 2008 12:39PM in SQL Prompt Previous Versions
I am new to SQL Prompt so I am sorry if this has already been requested. I am in the 14-day evaluation period, but am in the process of buying this AWESOME tool (you guys ROCK on SQL Tools BTW 8) ).

Anyway the one thing that I saw while playing with SQL Prompt that could be better is keyboard behavior in the "Column Picker" panel (the one with the checkbox multi-select). In the trial version it autofilters like the "Candidate Selection" panel. So if I start typing "Cust" it filters down to fields that just start with "Cust" and loses any checkboxes I may have checked in the full list. This panel would be more useful if you always showed the full list, but "jumped" to the appropriate entry based on what the customer typed. This way I could type "Cust", check a field, type "FirstN", check a field, type "LastN", check a field etc. The behavior I am talking about is similar to "standard" behavior in a Windows listview with checkboxes.

Or even better, provide an option to turn off the filtering for this panel so the people who like it the way it is have the choice to leave it on :) .

Hopefully this makes sense.

Thanks again for the great tool,


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    Hi Kevin,

    That is actually a real cool suggestion. I will log this feature request and keep you posted with updates with the progress.

    And I am really glad that you like using Red Gate SQL tools.
    You can actually try to use SQL Prompt v3.8 RC that will give you more time to evaluate the product (as it is valid until 15th May) and also it has some nice new features, including layout.
    You can download the build from the link below:
    http://www.red-gate.com/MessageBoard/vi ... php?t=6760


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