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Why are you recommending backing up to local disk first?

keymookeymoo Posts: 38
edited April 4, 2008 9:48AM in SQL Backup Previous Versions

Just upgraded to 5.3.

I have set up SQL Backup to backup to a network share as I don't have space on my local server. I do notice however, that you have a warning in the client GUI to backup first to disk and then copy the file to a network share. The problem with this is that if you are short on space on your local server, then it could cause space problems. For this reason I backup across the network - although it is potentially less reliable than dumping to local disk.

Feature request
I would like to see a Move option as well as a Copy option in the backup dialog so that space does not become an issue, and I can also take advantage of the benefits of dumping to local disk.

Thanks for a great product - we also use a competitor product but find the Red Gate tool to be better in all respects.



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    Hi Mark,

    There's an article in the Support Center, on why we consider this to be best practice. See here for details, but a key reason is that network errors can result in no backup being made. So if you have the space available on your local drive, our recommended best practice is to back up locally, and then copy across the network. In this manner, if there's a network error during the file transfer, you still have a local backup. Obviously not everyone is in the fortuitous position to have the available local disk space.

    Thanks for the suggested feature request, this is something we're considering for a future release.

    Best regards,

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