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New ERASEFILES_REMOTE option in SQL Backup v5.3

plavalleplavalle Posts: 8
edited April 7, 2008 3:01PM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
If there are two COPYTO locations configured; is it possible to specify two ERASEFILES_REMOTE parameters? I would like to enable a different # of days of “retention periods" on the two remote locations... It is my guess that ERASEFILES_REMOTE is "global" for all COPYTOs; but I though that I would ask (I have not tried it yet). If not; it might be a worthwhile enhancement to SQL Backup in a future release. In this case; the 1st remote location is a SQL Server where the backup is restored daily (a read-only copy of yesterday's data) and I only want to retain one copy; i.e. the current backup. The 2nd remote location is a NAS device and I would like to keep 5 to 7 days of backups...

Also; is there a limit to the number of COPYTOs that can be specified for a backup?

Peter J. LaValle Jr.


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    Unfortunately, the ERASEFILES_REMOTE parameter is, as you say, global. In the sense that you can only specify one instance and it will affect all of the COPYTO locations. I'll add a feature request for you requesting a way of specifying multiple ERASEFILES_REMOTE parameters.

    I'm fairly sure that there isn't a limit to the amount of COPYTOs that you can use. We have customers who use multiple destinations and I've never heard of anyone reaching a 'limit'.
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    Thanks Ben!
    Peter J. LaValle Jr.
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