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Feature Request - Release unused space on Restore

EdVassieEdVassie Posts: 15
edited April 25, 2008 2:58PM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
The backup process should have an option to release unused space on a restore. Separate options may be useful for data and log files.

For a data file, where the restore finds an empty page, the next available data page should be restored in its place. The end result would appear as though a SHRINKFILE had been performed and all unused space truncated.

The cluster index would obviously need updating to show the new locations of the data pages. For non-cluster indexes, it may be more practical to rebuild them (or leave them as definitions only) than attempt to update the RIDS.

For a log file, the restore restore only the in-use logical log files.

The time required to complete this type of restore is not important.

It can be very inconvenient (or impossible!) to find spare disk space for a restore when it is known that the DB being restored contains large amounts of free space. This can be particularly true when restoring the DB to a different server or to another name on the original server.


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