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SQL Backup - Cluster Error

ellis.remotedbaellis.remotedba Posts: 4
edited April 2, 2008 7:43AM in SQL Backup Previous Versions

We have recently bought 5 new licences to install on the new servers.

We have a 3 node Active-Active-Passive Cluster running two instances of SQL Server. We have installed SQL Backup to both SQL server instances

On one of our SQL Server Instances (e,g. cluster1) we have had problems and we deactivated our licence and then uninstalled the sql backup program on one of the cluster nodes and server components on our cluster.

The other cluster (cluster2) node has another instance of sql server and SQl backup running. SQL Backup is installed on both the nodes and it works fine evenin case of a failover. So we didn't uninstall the program from this server.

We tried re-installing SQL backup on the 'uninstalled' instance on the active node and then reinstalled the program, but we encounter errors.

We run the SQBServerSetup.exe program to install the server components on the cluster.

While installing we get the following error.

Runtime Error (at 107:889)
Failed to get data for 'LoginMode'

All username provided are correct

We get this error using every single user that has the sysadmin role.

Also trying to register the server in the GUI doesn't work.
The box is ticked to install or upgrade the server components on connection (lauched wizard), but after clicking ok, nothing else happens other than the server appearing in the list with a red cross.

When you look at the properties the connection error sais: Failed to connect to SQB service.

We noticed that the uninstall hasn't removed the extended stored procedures in the master database and that it didn't fully clean up the registry.

This uninstall was neccessary becuase failover didn't work we got an error in the log that said failed to connect to activenodename\instancename...which caused us some concern as we thought it should say clustername\instancename??

Any help would be much appreciated.
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