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CodePlex Community Generators

benhallbenhall Posts: 70
As part of the release, we have created a new project on CodePlex called "Red Gate SQL Data Generator Community Generators". CodePlex is an open source project hosting website and we have uploaded a number of generators (with source code) which you can use with SQL Data Generator today!

Lists and generators currently available include:
UK Lists
Canada Lists
User Agent RegEx
Waffle Generator
IP Address Generator
Password Generator
C# Code Generator (My favourite generator allowing you to write and compile C# code directly within the UI to use as the column generator.)

Not only will we continue to post generators on the site, but we also want to host lists and generators which you have created. If you want to have your generator added to the project, then please let us know!

I really recommend you take a look at the Codeplex site located at http://www.codeplex.com/SDGGenerators

Note: These generators are classed as 'unsupported'. Please do not contact support if you encounter problems, instead please use the forums
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