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I have downloaded this product to evaluate it. We had an issue where we corrupted one table and needed to restore it. My understanding is that this product, Pro Edition, will do that.

To test this, I backed up a small database, then renamed a table from DtTime to DtTime_A. The comparison part of the software naturally did not find a match between the backup and the live database.

I also could not find a way to map the backed up table to any object in the database.

I then created a new table with one column and named the new table DtTime. Again, I found one way to map the fields.

I am either missing something about this product or not using the correct one. Could someone assist me please?



  • You need to use the 'Remap objects' tab in the project configuration window. This will allow you to compare two tables in different databases even if the names are different.

    One limitation when comparing to backups over comparing to live databases is that the table *must* have a primary key or unique index in order to compare.

    Richard Mitchell
    Project Manager
    Red Gate Software Ltd
  • So, when comparing a SQL backup file to a live database, you need the live database to have the same structure as the backup did and a primary key?
  • It doesn't have to have the same structure (you can use remap to match differently named objects) although it does seem to have a unique index based on the same columns.
    Richard Mitchell
    Project Manager
    Red Gate Software Ltd
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