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GUI Issues in SQL Backup

shawnnwfshawnnwf Posts: 16
edited April 21, 2008 12:58PM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
I am currently running the new 5.3 release of SQL Backup. I am having the same few issues each day with the GUI.

1. Several times per day, the GUI will stop updating information from the servers in the timeline. Each server usually stops updating within a few minutes of each other and I get a long orange bar (no data) on each server. I try to manually refresh the connections, but this never gets the GUI synched back up with the current time. I have to close SQL Backup and restart it 5-6 times per day or more, and the problem seems to be getting worse.

I have tried waiting and sometimes, some of the servers finally refresh after about 45 minutes, but then go back into the same issue where I would have to wait another 45 minutes to get new data.

2. Memory usage with the new GUI is getting a little high. I am not positive what the memory footprint should look like, but the process on my PC each day ends up close to or over 200MB of RAM. If this is normal, then fine, but when it gets this high my system gets unresponsive and frustrating to work on.

My GUI is setup with 9 tabs for different physical locations and logical system partitions. I have 52 servers registered in the GUI, but no more than 12 on any one tab.

All these issues are happening on machines with SQL Backup 5.1 or greater. I do have some 4.6 machines still in the infrastructure, but this is not the issue since the majority (90%) are at least 5.1 and 60% or more are 5.3 with the rest being updated soon.


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    Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 Bronze 1
    Hi Shawn,

    This is a difficult question to answer. Although SQL Backup's UI can manage a number of SQL Servers independently on different threads, it has a bottleneck in that the SQL CE database holding the backup history on the server doesn't support concurrency so only one process can access the backup history at any time. So if SQL Backup is busy making backups and doing restore operations, it's going to prevent the UI from accessing the history for awhile.

    Also, from the memory usage, it sounds as if it's pulling in a large amount of backup history. In the v5.3 GUI, you can choose how much backup history to import. Maybe registering the servers and choosing a smaller amount of backup history will help.

    Your mileage may vary!
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    I have similar issues, but only when I am connected via VPN. Many times the GUI will hang my laptop while trying to start up. (After the splash screens, while waiting for the histories to come back from the defined connections.) This behavior consistently happens, and I only have a few servers registered.

    Today I brought the GUI up while in the office, put my laptop into sleep mode, and brought it back up at home (VPN). After a period of time, the GUI reported "not enough memory" and died. (My laptop has 2 G of RAM and I had very little running at the time.)

    From the office, I have no issues at all.
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