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Force Column Order 6.2 question...

ernstgernstg Posts: 3
edited March 12, 2008 9:15AM in SQL Compare Previous Versions
Since upgrading to Version I’ve noticed a quirk that gives me some concern. I have a development and production database that are structurally identical except for a handful of large tables that I have allowed the column order to be different because of not wanting to currently rebuild tables.

I’ve been running SQL Compare 6.0 for a while with the Force Column Order UNCHECKED and all seems fine. After upgrading to 6.2.0271 a table with column order differences had a trigger change. Minor trigger change. But the first difference shown on the SQL Differences screen is the column order difference, even though the option to Force Column Order is UNCHECKED. I manually made both triggers the same, not dealing with column order, refreshed the comparison and the table dropped off the list of “objects that exists in both but are different”.

Is this a known bug or am I doing something wrong? I will have cases where I want to sync the triggers and allow the column order to remain different.


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    Michelle TMichelle T Posts: 566 Gold 1
    The SQL Differences pane shows textual differences between the two objects' creation script, regardless of whether those differences will be synchronized or not. If you synchronize the table with force column order unchecked, then the column order will not be affected, even though it is shown on the SQL Differences pane.

    If you want to reassure yourself of this, try selecting just the table with the trigger difference and looking at the Action Plan / Modifications / View SQL Script areas on the synchronization wizard before proceeding with the synchronization - they should show you that the only actual actions which will be taken are actions to synchronize the trigger, not actions to change the table column order.
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    Great, that makes since.
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