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CRs are coming into Scripts

mpinsleympinsley Posts: 3
edited March 10, 2008 7:23AM in SQL Compare Previous Versions
Since we loaded Regate (the full suite) We are not sure why but when we opne some scripts in Server Management (2005)
Studio. Some carriage returns seem to be randomly put in. We are not
using Notepad or anything like this. We type directly into the studio.
But for some scripts this line break occurs.

Which means it won't compile and wee have to go and find all of these
misc breaks.

When we put into an Editor we can see there are some characters in
there but not sure how they got there

Also if we fix all of the page breaks and save, when we reopen the
same thing will happen again, in the same spots

Any Ideas



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    Michelle TMichelle T Posts: 566 Gold 1
    What have you done with the Red Gate tools apart from 'install them'? Is this happening when you synchronize a database to scripts using the synchronize to script folder functionality of SQL Compare?
    Software Developer
    Redgate Software
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    it is only happening when we open the SQL Script
    using SP_Helptext with SP name..then we cut and paste to SQL Editor...this is when it is happening
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