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Simple Version Control for SQL Server

kharr0kharr0 Posts: 2
edited October 26, 2009 8:17PM in Scream
I'll admit I'm spoiled. I started using VisualSVN several months ago and couldn't be happier. However, VisualSVN doesn't work with SSMS and isn't really meant to manage versioning for database objects.

VisualSVN makes version control in Visual Studio *extremely* easy. What I'd love to see from RedGate is an add-in to SSMS that makes source control just as easy. Script out all the objects in the db to individual files. Detect when an object changes and update its script. Allow me to commit those changes to source control from within SSMS. Let me diff the changes or revert to previous versions. In a nutshell, let me apply verson control to my databases.

Thanks for a great suite of products!



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