Can SQL compare use a specified list of elements

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My situation is that I have to compare specific elements in a database used for a certain area. For instance I want to compare tables and other elements used in connection with say a dimension or fact.

Can I supply SQL compare with a list of elements and then save a project with that list so that I can compare the elements at a later stage?

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    The best way to do this is probably using the command line: ... dLine.html

    You can specify which objects to include or exclude from the comparison with the /include and /exclude command line options.

    It's possible to do this using the GUI by creating a project, using the check boxes to select which objects to include or exclude, and then using that project when you want to compare the databases, but some changes to the database structure (such as new objects appearing and old objects disappearing from both sides) may return your project to its default state with regards to selections.
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