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Password Management

michaelfriedmichaelfried Posts: 25
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Dear SQL Backup Community,

What is the best way that people are handling password management when creating encrypted backups.

I am using SQL Backup Pro v 5.3. I have a set of scripted out stored procedures that call the extended sql backup stored procedures. I am using encryption and so need a password. As I see it I have these choices:

1) Hard-Code the Password in my custom stored procedure
2) Make the Password a parameter in my stored procedure and pass it in -- which means I need to hard-code the the Password in the SQL Agent Job Step details
3) Store the Password in a table and lookup that value in my stored procedure

How are other people handling this? Is there a recommended way?



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    peteypetey Posts: 2,358 New member
    When you hard code the password, you need not do using using the plain-text value. You can use an encrypted value that SQL Backup recognises.

    To get the encrypted value for your password, start up the Backup Wizard in the GUI, and enter the parameters for your backup. On the 'Review backup summary' page, open the 'Script' tab. In the script area, you see the backup script containing the encrypted password. Use this value instead of your plain-text value.
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