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Copy backup to network --access is denied

shermaineshermaine Posts: 3
edited March 10, 2008 5:20AM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
Dear Support,
I encounted some problem of using SQL Backup to copy my backup to the network, here are the details:
1. My Production installed with red gate SQL Backup std with start user acc with Local administrator
2. My standby server installed with red gate SQL Backup pro edt with start user acc of local system.
3. No Domain setup, only network group environment.
4. Database backup was scheduled from the standby server to backup to production server local drive.(Since the pro edt can remote access the server)
5. Option 'Copy backup to network' is enabled, the net shared folder is on the same network but on a NAS (Network attach storage).
6. Daily backup to the local drive is successfully, however, the copy to network failed since I got access denied error.
7. I test to created another shared folder on the standby server as network shared folder for this testing, however I even could browse the shared folder when I try to assign it.
Q1: What are the recommend acc and permission to start the red gate SQL Backup service to make the network copy successful in a workgroup environement? (I already refer some doc, but could get though)
Q2: Can I use NAS shared folder for the place to put backup file as well as a center depository to store the log file which I will setup the log shipping in future.
Q3: Should I upgrade my SQL Backup license on Production server to pro license to make the network copy successfully?
Q4: Should I upgrade my SQL Backup license on Production server to pro license and the same version as my standby server to make the log shipping work successfully in future?

Many thanks in advance!
Very nice to meet u here


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    Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 Bronze 1
    Hi Shermaine,

    Without having a Windows domain, I think your only option to get the copy to share working is matching accounts -- in other words set up an identical local Windows account on both machines using Computer Management. Once that's set up, allow the account access to the SQL Server as a Windows login and add it to the sysadmin fixed role, then configure the SQL Backup Agent Service to use the new account as the service startup user.

    When SQL Backup copies the files to the share, the destination computer will be 'faked out' into believing the request is coming from a known local Windows user.
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    Hi Brian,
    Thank you very much for support.
    I will change the setting according to your sugestion. Another thing I need your help is the SQL Backup software need be installed on the production/backup machine.
    As I brief earlier, production instaled std edt, and backup server installed pro edt, the backup job was scheduled from the backup server to remotely access the production sql system. I would like to setup log shipping as well once I sort out this problem, so I would like to confirm:

    1. Do I need install Red gate SQL Backup on the production to make this happen since I the job is scheduled from backup server.
    2 If the answer is yes, which license type is needed on the production system? (pro or std)

    Many Thanks Again!!

    Very nice to meet u here
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    Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 Bronze 1
    For log shipping, SQL Backup needs to be installed and licensed locally on both servers. Technically, only one needs the professional edition, provided that you run the log shipping wizard from the console of the server that doesn't have the pro edition. The easiest way to manage this, however, would be to have pro on both servers, that way you don't need to think about which server you manage the log shipping from, etc.
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