SQLCompare.exe - stops after listing an incomplete obj list

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When running a sqlCompare through the command line, it just stops. No success message and worse off NO return code. However it DOES do the synchronize.

Tail end of output . . .

StoredProcedure dbo.hs_select_CT_ExtSheetName == ==
StoredProcedure dbo.hs_insert_Contact == ==
StoredProcedure dbo.hs_Select_CT_Installers == ==
StoredProcedure dbo.hs_insert_ContactAddress == ==
StoredProcedure dbo.hs_Select_CT_InventorySelection == ==
StoredProcedure dbo.hs_insert_ContactPhoneNumber == ==

The same compare run through the UI displays the entire list of objects.

The problem I'm having is that I run the sqlCompare in an automated script that needs a return code. The list should also match the list that I see running it from the UI. Since the tool is not returning any values, my Deployment script HALTS. This looks like a BUG in the tool. Please respond, because I'm running into a tight deadline to get this resolved.


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  • Michelle TMichelle T Posts: 566 Gold 1
    If you can send a snapshot or backup of the database and a copy of the exact command line that you're using (and any XML files you might be using for parameter setting) to [email protected] I'll have a look at it and see if I can reproduce the problem / tell you what's going wrong.

    Even just the command line / parameters file and some idea about what's in the database (size of schema / number of database objects, general distribution of object types) might let me figure out what's going on with the lack of return code.
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