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paolicepaolice Posts: 3
I would like to start off by saying that 'Refactor' is an excellent product in almost all respects. I'm listing (here) one defect and one 'wish list' item:
<<bug report>>
1) When running the formatter on an SQL statement that includes the "CONTAINSTABLE", FullText query, Refactor cites the line as having a syntax error where none exists.

<<wish list>>
2) I'd be dancing in the street if Refactor could be pluggable into Visual Studio (ver. 2005 Team Suite); can this be effected?

Thanks for your time and efforts.[/list]


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    We are glad that you like the tool :)
    1. I am not able to see this issue happening on the latest version of SQL Refactor i.e. v1.2.x
    What is the version of SQL Refactor you are using? And is there any specific instance when it causes a failure or does it happen all the time?

    2. Do you happen to use the tool called SQL Prompt(intellisense tool) as well from RG? If so, SQL Prompt is releasing v3.8 sometime around late April-early May and the tool would include integrated Layout functionality(identical to SQL Refactor) and installing it means Layout would be functional in quite a few editors including VS 2005. Would that be a good reason to go dancing ;)
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    Hi Tanya,

    That SQl Prompt is going to include a 'layout' capability in a future release is *great* news; I'm looking forward to it.
    For the Red Gate web URL: http://www.red-gate.com/support/SQL_Refactor/index.htm

    SQL Refactorâ„¢ Support
    Latest version: 1.1.0

    You're noting 'Refactor' as being at version 1.2 but the (page above) citation of the newest version is 1.1.x

    If not a typo, could you steer me to the 1.2 version of 'Refactor'?

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    V1.2 was a private release that fixed a problem related to 'Smart Rename' for some of the customers. If you would like to receive that please contact support@red-gate.com
    However, I did try the same on v1.1 and it works fine without giving any errors.
    Can you kindly paste/pm me the code that gives you the problem?

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