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I have a named instance of SQL 2000 called myserver\instancename and one of SQL 2005 called myserver\instancename2005. On both instances was SQL Backup installed. I did uninstall SQL Backup from both instances. Did use the control panel "remove programs" to do so.

Now I want to reinstall SQL Backup. To do so I start the GUI, add my SQL 2005 server. But there only comes a message "failed to connect to SQB Service".

What happend and how to fix it?



  • Hello,

    did uninstall and reinstall serveral times. No traces of redgate left over in the filesystem and registry - at least I don't see them. But, when I reinstall the GUI and try to add a sql server it tells me "failed to connect ot SQB Service". Little surprising, as it is not installed but quite a bit frustrating, as I have no idea of how to fix it.

    Thanks for any advice,
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    Could you please post the full text of the error message, or was that it?

    That error occurred because the extended stored procedure failed to retrieve the SQL Backup Agent services' handle. Could you please check if the SQL Server service startup user has been denied rights to read the SQL Backup Agent services' details, on the server? You can use the sc command line utility to do this. See this link for details.

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  • petey,

    Thanks for the reply.

    This is the full error message. When I add the server to the GUI, there shows up a red mark. If I click on this, I get this and only this error message: "Failed to connect to SQB"

    The dilemma is, that I did uninstall via the "Add or Remove Programms" applet in the windows "control panel". Thus:
    - the red gate folder in "program files" is gone
    - the red gate hive in the registry is gone
    - the red gate folder in "all users\application data" is gone
    - I can neither find any occurence of "red gate" in the file system nor in the registry

    So I expect that any attempt to connect to the uninstalled feature will yield "failed to connect". But why does it try to connect? Because of this the way is blocked to reinstall, what I intended to do.

    Weired, isn't it?

    Thanks for any hint,
    edit: Have the product running on over 200+ servers without any hazzle - except when it comes to install200+times ;)
    edit2: extended red gate proc in master are still there. When I try and install red gate locally (the GUI) on the server, I am not prompted for installation of procedures.
  • Hello,

    Install, uninstall and reinstall of version 5.2 did not yield. So I did try and installed the 5.1 version. This cleaned the mess up.

    And what caused the mess in the first place? Used the "correct" user for the service with appropriate rights on the "application data" and the "backup" folders. But it was not a local admin. It fails on accessing "data.sdf" even having the appropriate acls. With a local admin the installation works.

    Still the story has not come to an end. If after installation I test - the local admin is still the service account - it works fine. But if I switch back to the restricted Service account, the backup is done (the .sqb shows up) but there is a warning:
    Warning 402: Failed to open local data store: Access to the database file is not allowed. [File name]

    Please notice , there is no filename given.

    ntfilemon doesn't show any access denied or the like in the "backup" folder. And for the "application data" it also looks good.

    So what is wrong?

  • Hello,

    if I put the account under which the SQL Backup Agent Service is running into the local admins group everything works fine.

    If not the underlying backup works, but I get two warnings 402 along the way, one after the proper backup and one after the verifying.

    What is puzzling is, that it works on other machines and I did check over and over again and on the machine where I can't access data.sdf the account definitely has full rights on the file. Strange, very strange.

    Can anybody shed some light on this?

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    On why the extended stored procedure still attempts to contact the service:

    This is because the 'sqlbackup' extended stored procedure exists. It has to contact the SQL Backup Agent service, failing which it reports the 'failed to connect to SQB Service' error. The uninstallation for some reason failed to remove the extended stored procedures, most likely because the user performing the uninstall did not have rights to do it. You would have needed to remove the extended stored procedures manually e.g.
    sp_dropextendedproc sqlbackup
    sp_dropextendedproc sqbutility 
    On the 402 error:

    I would guess its a permissions issue. I would suggest granting read/write rights and security access to the data folder to the 'Everyone' user. If that works, then work on narrowing down the permissions to the specific SQL Backup Agent service user.

    Or if possible, log on to the system using the SQL Backup Agent service startup user, start up Management Studio, and see if you can connect to the data.sdf file.
    Peter Yeoh
    SQL Backup Consultant Developer
    Associate, Yohz Software
    Beyond compression - SQL Backup goodies under the hood, updated for version 8
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