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[FR] Comma at beginning of line for Stored Procedure Params

swrobelswrobel Posts: 31
edited March 2, 2008 11:57PM in SQL Prompt Previous Versions
When I tab-complete a stored procedure name after typing EXEC in SQL Prompt, it expands all of the parameters out for me, which is great. However, it looks like this:
	@Param_1 = 1, --  int
	@Param_2 = 2 --  int
The problem is that the comma is at the end of each preceding line, rather than at the beginning of the next line, which I would say is not best practice if you want to delete a parameter from the list (common when you have a parameter that has a default value, usually at the end). The fix is pretty simple, and it should look like this:
	@Param_1 = 1 --  int
,  @Param_2 = 2 --  int

FYI, for @Param_2 it should be ,<tab>@Param_2


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    You make a valid point. I will log this in as a request and see what we can do about it.

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    Without "punting" another Red Gate Product ( which I will !!) have you looked at SQL Refactor , which you can configure very flexibly to position columns all in one line , or new line etc , pre comma's post comma's , and loads more

    Its a nice tool to "Order the Mess" of a lot of stored procs I have seen ..

    Even some of my own

    "Write scruffy , tidy up once your'e done" -- probbaly not quite best practice but >>>

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