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Using the toolkit,Is it possible to synchronise individual records based on a bit column i.e. all columns with bit filed set to 1?




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    Hello M,

    Using Toolkit, certainly! You'd need to use a SelectionDelegate object to pick the rows of data that will be synchronized conditionally. This performs pretty much the same function as when you use the checkboxes in Data Compare's GUI to choose individual rows of data to synchronize. Using a combination of bookmarks and selectiondelegates, you can automate this row selection in SQL Toolkit.

    It's a bit complicated; if you're really determined, I can send you an example project that shows how this works.
  • Hi Brian,

    Yes, that would be really useful. I'm looking at the toolkit to automate the task that we usually do with sql data compare, so if this is possible that would really help our decision to buy the toolkit. I would appreciate the example code.

    I do have one more question regarding sql data compare which hasn't been answered in that forum, if you could answer this as well i'd really appreciated. The question is that sometimes when i manually synchronise our db's with sql data compare, not all the records are synchronised first time, and i have to press the synchronise button for a second or even a third time for the synchronisation to take place. Is this a known issue? This obviously has an impact on our decision to buy the toolkit as well!

    Many thanks for your help with this Brian, and i look forward to your response.


  • Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 New member

    I've sent you the selectionDelegate example and hopefully that clears up how to choose the records to be synchronized.

    I think the second issue may be down to a trigger firing on one of the tables when you use Data Compare to update it. Have you tried using the disable triggers option?
  • Thanks again Brian. I'm on a course this week, so i'll try your suggestion when i get back and let you know.


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