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Bug - Cannot scroll using mouse wheel

KeeperOfTheSoulKeeperOfTheSoul Posts: 6
edited February 27, 2008 2:32PM in SQL Prompt Previous Versions
When using the scroll wheel inside Sql Prompt's popup Sql Prompt does not scroll.
Further more, Sql Management Studio does scroll, causing Sql Prompt's popup window to disappear.

This can be annoying when working with the column picker as I tend to use the scroll wheel out of habit which not only causes the column picker to disappear but loses any selection I've made requiring me to start again.

Expected behaviour
Ideally, Sql Prompt should scroll. At the minimum Sql Prompt should not hide.


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    I understand your frustration as this has bitten me couple of times before I got used to it.
    Initially we didn’t do this feature due to some complications that we realised are of no concern anymore.
    So I will include this as a feature request and get this done in our future versions. However, I will not be able to promise this for v3.8 as we are running on some tight schedules for the final release.

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