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SQL Backup 5.3 is Released!

JonathanWattsJonathanWatts Posts: 418
edited February 27, 2008 5:23AM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
You can now download and install version 5.3 of SQL Backup. It contains bug fixes and enhancements to both the SQL Backup GUI and Server Components.

To upgrade, you can use Check for updates from the Help menu within SQL Backup or download it from http://www.red-gate.com/products/SQL_Backup/index.htm

Bug fixes and enhancements in 5.3:
* Usability updates to the Back Up wizard, Add SQL Server Dialog and * Install/Upgrade Server components Dialog
* Support for the "WITH PARTIAL" keyword
* Inclusion of new maintenance plan conversion tool
* Option to send email notifications when a warning is generated
* Different purge options for local and network drives
* Option to limit the data imported from the msdb database when registering a server
* Choice of location for the data.sdf at install time
* Performance improvement for the ERASEFILES and ERASEFILES_ATSTART options
* Improved stability for compression level 3
* Improved handling of timeouts
* Optional failover if the SQL Backup service fails to start in a clustered environment
* Default values for MAXDATABLOCK and MAXTRANSFERSIZE can now be accessed via the registry
* EXECUTE prefix is now added to Restore Wizard scripts
* Improved detection in the GUI of failed backup verifications
* Improved registration of non-default instances in the SQL Backup Service
* Improved stability when using the NOWRITE/NOCOMPRESSWRITE keywords
* Files are no longer deleted when ERASEFILES is used, but the RESTORE command fails
* Resolution of issue relating to the Italian regional settings
* Increased field length for the 'Databases to Backup' field
* Improved content and behavior of error and warning emails
* Improved performance when retrieving account security identifiers
* Integration with Books Online
* Improved access to list of running tasks for ease of use
* User Interface improvement to display why transaction log shipping isn't available for specific databases
* msdb is now updated for backups that succeed after a retry
* Improved check for updates functionality
* Improved performance for erasing log files
* Log files now contain complete information from command line
* Improved display of network share sub directories
* Improved documentation for Log Shipping and installation in a clustered environment
* Updated online help and embedded assistance
* Resolution of issue for backups that could occur when using only <AUTO> tags
* Resolution of a "Device Index Out of Range" error that could occur when using the "WITH VERIFY" keyword
* Fix for system error: 87
* Display of warnings or errors raised during multi-threaded, single file backups
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