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Is there any way for SQL Compare to provide change metrics: lines added, changed, deleted.

It looks if it does everything else a developer would want, but I can see anywhere to get this sort of info out.


  • SQL Compare displays the metrics in the 3. Summary stage in the Synchronization wizard - unfortunately this is not exportable.
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  • You can right-click on any of the Summary step panes and chose 'Copy to clipboard' to get a text report containing the relevant information, but it's not very polished and it might not give you exactly the metrics you wanted.

    I'm not totally clear on what you want: is it just a blow-by-blow account of the modifications (in which case the right-click on summary should work for you) or is it some kind of number of lines added/changed/deleted (which we just don't keep track of anywhere at the moment, so can't easily report - we'd put this in the feature request queue for future consideration).
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